All parts (product ou packaging), including the online registration, must be received by October 6, 2013 before 5 pm at our offices (no pieces will be returned):

615 Notre-Dame street
Saint-Lambert, Quebec
J4P 2K8

All pieces submitted to the competition must have been designed and/or packaged in Canada.

This means that the design and graphics of the label, flexography or container must have been made in Canada OR that the product was packaged in Canada.

Submissions must be available for purchase on the Quebec market between October 1, 2011 and October 1, 2013.

All submitted products and packaging for the contest must follow legal standards in effect in Quebec.

Submitted products must be the final printed packaging (no mock-ups will be accepted).

Each submitted piece must be accompanied with a completed individual registration form found on our Website under the « REGISTRATION » tab.


Participants must register their pieces by October 6, 2013 in at least one of the following categories *:

  • Juices or non-alcoholic beverages (jus, water, soft drink, tea, coffee, energy drink, etc.)
  • Beers, malt beverages and prepared cocktails
  • Wine, ciders and spirits
  • Meats, poultry, seafood and cold cuts (fresh, frozen)
  • Meats, poultry, seafood and cold cuts (dried, canned)
  • Fruits and vegetables (fresh, frozen)
  • Fruits and vegetables (dry, snacks)
  • Grain products, baked goods and snack bars
  • Pastries, deserts and ice cream
  • Fresh products (milk, cheese, yogurt, eggs, butter, margarine, etc.)
  • Ready-to-eat soups (fresh)
  • Ready-to-eat soups (dried, canned)
  • Oils, sauces, spreads, spices and condiments
  • Chocolate, tea, coffee, confectionery and sweet spreads


  • Limited edition, limited series and promotional packaging (non-permanent)
  • Packaging lines (3 flavors and more)
  • Multi-categories packaging range
  • Private label

1. If the jury considers it necessary, a piece can be evaluated in a different category than the one(s) indicated on the registration form.
2. The jury reserves the right to combine or divide categories if needed.
3. Jury members do not have the right to vote for their own piece if they have submitted one.

** As part of the contest, only distributors who own a brand may submit a piece or a series of private label.


1) Aesthetic design 25 %
        a. Distinctive (10 %)
        b. Quality of the graphics (images, typography, colours, form, etc.) (10 %)
        c. Visual impact (5 %)

2) Functionality of the design 25 %
        a. Easy handling and user-friendliness– Ergonomics (10 %)
        b. Functional innovation (10 %)
        c. Handling optimization during the transportation and distribution process (5 %)

3) Product comprehension 20 %
        a. Identification of the product (10 %)
        b. Overall information clarity (10 %)
            (product name, caracteristics, benefits, flavours, nutritional facts label, etc.)

4) Environment consideration 15 %
        a. Material optimization to avoid excessive packaging (5 %)
        b. Use of recycled material (5 %)
        c. Recyclable after use (5 %)

5) Production 15 %
        a. Technical challenges (5 %)
        b. Technical innovation (5 %)
        c. Printing quality (5 %)
Total : 100%


Depending on the jury’s evaluation, GOLD, SILVER AND BRONZE prizes will be presented in each categories.

All participants to the contest are also illegible to the special prize «LE MUST DU PUBLIC» for which consumers are invites to vote on the contest’s Facebook page. Visit the section PUBLIC VOTE for all the details.

A special prize will awarded by «Aliment du Québec» to a packaging selected among the finalists of every categories bearing its Aliment du Québec logo.

Also, a new special prize «Vers l’écoconception» will be awarded to the business who presented the most ecofriendly packaging. This prize is sponsored by Éco Entreprise Québec, l’Institut de développement de produits and Quantis, three organisms who united their complementary knowledge to implement and promote ecodesign.

Results will be announced during the awards ceremony held on October 9, 2013 and will be made available on this Website as well as in L’actualité ALIMENTAIRE and LE must magazines.


All parts, (product or packaging), including the online registration, must be received by October 6, 2013 before 5 pm at our offices (no pieces will be returned):

615 Notre-Dame street
Saint-Lambert, Quebec
J4P 2K8

The GAÏA AWARDS are open to companies working in or for the food industry, specifically those in the following categories:

  • Agri-food processing
  • Agri-food manufacturing
  • Independent graphic designers
  • Graphic-design studios
  • Advertising agencies
  • Manufacturers and printers working in the agri-food packaging industry


First entry: $395 $ + taxes (includes a ticket for the Gala and Awards Ceremony)

Additional entry: $210 each piece + taxes

Gala and Awards Ceremony– Preferential gala for each additional submitted item: $ 185 + taxes

Gala and Awards Ceremony: $195 + taxes

Gala and Awards Ceremony – Special price for a table of 8: $1450 + taxes


Each piece will be evaluated by a committee made up of 12 well-known and respected design packaging and communication experts. To find out more about each jury member, please visit the Jury Members page.

At no point will the jury be allowed to disclose the notes or results of the proceedings. However, with the participant’s request, the contest organizers may provide a qualitative assessment of the pieces or parts evaluated.


Copyright statement: the candidate certifies having obtained all authorizations or exemptions for constituents and parts of the piece entered in the GAÏA AWARDS contest and that he/she is the owner (or has the owner's permission).

EDIKOM reserves the right to use the information provided (name, logo, photos, etc.) in its publications and products as promotional tools for the contest or for news report in any other publications.